Last day in Vegas


Our flight didn’t leave until the afternoon, so we had time for one last adventure in Las Vegas. We went to Paris for their brunch buffet, only to discover that their online schedule was wrong and that they don’t in fact have brunch from 11 – 1, it’s lunch only. Again, in a city that stays up as late as this one, how is it so hard to get breakfast foods after 11:00? So, I suspect we were not alone in our disappointment, as there were a lot of race shirts in the line…

Then we sent the boys off to play poker and Nerissa and I caught a cab out to the Neon Museum:

Run by a non-profit that obtains and restores old neon signs, it was an incredibly interesting place to visit. You have to take a tour, but it’s filled with all sorts of tidbits and historical trivia. For example, this is the first neon sign in Vegas:


There were basically pathways with all sorts of neon signs arranged artfully. I had a really good time photographing them:








IMG_3732This guy is a remnant from Vegas’ ill-advised 1990’s campaign to become a “family vacation destination.” He used to live outside of Treasure Island (now called TI):

IMG_3734The guide claimed you could see his face on Google maps, so of course I had to check. Sure enough, she was right!

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 10.43.35 AMThere were some very famous signs from now-demolished casinos:



IMG_3749It was the perfect outing. We got to be out in the sunshine, look at cool stuff and learn a little something about Vegas history. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then it was a cab ride back to the Strip to retrieve the boys from their poker room. T and I had to grab our things to head to the airport, while Erik & Nerissa had a few more hours to kill. I’m so grateful that they made the trip with us, it was an insanely fun weekend.




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