Seeing the sights


We continued our Vegas experience by sleeping in late (not too surprising given how late we stayed up… ) and then hit a buffet for brunch. (Bellagio does a nice job of brunch, I highly recommend it.) Then we turned T and Erik loose to play some poker while Nerissa and I went to go take care of my packet pick-up at the expo. But first we took a little detour through their lobby and atrium to look at the holiday decorations:

IMG_3612The atrium had these cute polar bears:


IMG_3602Then it was off to the Sands Convention center for the expo. This race is the biggest race I’ve ever done (by far!) and about four times the size of T’s marathon. I think you could fit the entire Portland Marathon expo in Brooks’ booth at this one. Speaking of which, they had the coolest booth I’ve ever seen. They really get their audience. Look at these mirrors for example:

IMG_3627And the changing rooms look like port-a-potties!

IMG_3626Then you turn the corner and see every vendor that has ever made anything even vaguely running related. It was insane! I did score myself some new compression sleeves and the knee-high compression version of the Injini socks I run in. Zappos had a giveaway where you got a little card initialed when you visited the various booths (the prize turned out to be a cloth shopping bag, which was a bit underwhelming, but what can you do.) We got pretty over-saturated and headed back to the hotel.

Because the expo was at the Venetian, we stopped to take a picture of their lovely lobby. They had an accordion player in the lobby for extra ambience:

IMG_3630One of the more baffling things about Vegas street culture is that all of these people dress like celebrities and cartoon characters and stand around to get their pictures taken for donations. Nerissa couldn’t resist the white trash Mickey & Minnie:

44931_10200169936596301_710432365_nAnd I couldn’t resist snapping a picture from the escalator of this Transformer chatting with some random dude:

IMG_3628The last bit of interesting sights before getting back to the room was this interesting art piece in the shopping center next to our hotel:

IMG_3616Those tubes have little cyclones, as do the colored circles on the floor. The best part was a woman training a seeing eye dog by having him stand on the floor ones. (It must be extra challenging to train helper dogs in Vegas!) The poor dog was completely freaked out by the “floor cyclones” but he was starting to get the hang of it. Nerissa was having fun photographing the tubes:

IMG_3620We had a little time to chill out at the room before the boys returned. It was nice to catch our breath after all of the sights of the day.


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