Black Friday – Port Townsend style


Erin & David invited us along on an excursion to Port Townsend, which sounded a lot more fun than storming the local shopping mall. The ferry line was surprisingly light and we were there in no time. I hadn’t been to Port Townsend since 1990-something, but it was just as cute as I remembered it, with lots of little shops and restaurants.

IMG_3516We wandered through a few art galleries and “admired” some of the pieces:


IMG_3517We had a lovely lunch and did a little more browsing local shops. Then we went to this super cute underground coffee place:

IMG_3512Once you went down the stairs, there was this cool hallway:


IMG_3518The vibe was awesome and the coffee was pretty good. We had to hit the road so that we could get back to the city at a reasonable hour. Unfortunately, the ferry line was heavier for the return trip, so we had a bit of a wait. While we were waiting, there was a lot of rearrangement of the evening plans. In the end, we were able to tag along for the inaugural year of Zoo Lights.

Even with the pouring rain, it was a very lovely holiday activity:

IMG_3533There were some fun animated sequences with the lights:

IMG_3526And there were a few sections of the zoo open. We got to see the most adorable tree kangaroo actually moving around, which was cool:

IMG_3534I’d say the holidays have started off very festively. We’re lucky to have such wonderful friends to hang out with.


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