Sneaky Thanksgiving


I’m not sure how it happened, but Thanksgiving completely blind-sided me this year. I swear it was Halloween last week. Given this, I’m particularly thankful that our friends Jenn & Bryan are hosting! If it were up to me to host, we’d be eating turkey pot pies or something. 😉

But it wouldn’t be Seattle Thanksgiving without the Turkey Trot, so we were up early for my fifth consecutive race. M’s goal was to walk the whole thing, because she’s a bad-ass. (We’ve done these races together every year, so why let pregnancy get in the way?)


IMG_3476I think each year the race gets a little bigger and the start more crazy. T and I ran it together and it took a lot of weaving and maneuvering to find space to run. I considered it excellent practice for Vegas. I didn’t have any big plans to race it hard or anything, but somehow couldn’t stop myself from pushing the pace. It wasn’t the balls-out pacing of last year, but I still managed my second fastest time, so I was pleased. When we got to the finish line, I was entertained to see texts from Martha that they were last, then this amusing shot of her with the sweeper motorcycle (who isn’t doing a great job because you can see Turkey Trotters behind her… )

IMG_7217By the time T and I jogged back to meet them, they’d taken out a lot of other walkers and were no longer even close to last. (We also learned that the reason they were last was that they’d stopped by the house so she could pee. Awesome!) We walked in with them and got to enjoy a whole other level of the Turkey Trot. Before long we were round the corner toward the finish line:

IMG_3480Then, finally, the finish line and victory!

IMG_3483I think this might be the most impressive of M’s five finishes. I can’t wait to see what next year holds…

Afterward, we had bagels at M & J’s place with their friends Kathy and Spoons, who were in town from the Bay Area to visit family. It was a lively gathering and fun to catch up. Then it was home to chill out for a few hours before heading over to Jenn & Bryan’s house. It was a good-sized group of friends. Erin and David were in town and then M, J and Timmion would be joining us. (It was like a Seabrooke reunion!) Erin struck a pose in front of the lovely table:


Then there was some sort of pre-dinner belly bump:
IMG_3487T is excited for dinner, but not so much his picture being taken:

IMG_3490Then all picture-taking stopped in the flurry of delicious food, wine and good friends. It was a wonderful evening that highlighted just how blessed I am to have such a great group of friends. I’m especially grateful to Jenn & Bryan for their magnificent hosting.







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