A dream come true…


Many years ago, my brother found a recipe online for a cake that looked exactly like a dirty cat box. Because we’re both sick and depraved, we thought it was hilarious and wished we could come up with an occasion to make one. Many friends can attest to the fact that while telling the story of this cake, I would laugh so hard I cried. Flash forward to Halloween 2012 and my lovely husband decided to make one for his office Halloween gathering. Especially hilarious given that he works for a major health/organic supermarket chain and these are the main ingredients:

IMG_3414Mmmmm… chemicals!

The premise of the cake is pretty simple. You make the two cake mixes and then let both cakes cool. Then you crumble them up into a big bowl:

IMG_3417Then you add the instant pudding:

IMG_3419Then you mix that all up and dump into a brand-new/unused cat box:

IMG_3420Now, here comes the best part:

IMG_3427That’s right! It’s time to make the cat poop! You microwave the Tootsie Rolls for a few seconds in the microwave before you form them:

IMG_3431If you are feeling creative, you can mash two of them together and emulate George’s work:

IMG_3429And the end result is so very disgusting:

IMG_3432For the final step, you run the sandwich cookies through a food processor and make crumbs to sprinkle over the “poo”. Here’s T posing with his handiwork:

IMG_3437I couldn’t resist posting it on Instragram, so here’s a vintage shot of the masterpiece:

IMG_3438The reaction at T’s office was a mix of disgust and delight and it was definitely a hit. I’d highly recommend making it for your next special occasion. 😉










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