Going coastal


It’s been quite the whirlwind life we lead these days. Our friends Jenn & Bryan invited a bunch of us out to a friend’s beach house on the Washington Coast. (Bunch = T & I, M (and J, but he couldn’t make it), Erin & David, and Timmion. Plus five dogs. Good thing it’s a big house!) The house was in the town of Seabrooke, which is an odd little planned community/faux town. Each of the houses have names, which are printed on signs on each house. We got there after dark, in the pouring rain, so we didn’t get the full effect until the next morning.

This one was my personal favorite:

Luckily, the sun was out the next morning for a nice walk on the beach:

The beach was really crowded, as you can see. So we let the boys run around off-leash, which was quite a treat for Wally. He was a total butt-hole to Lucky, barking like an idiot, but Lucky is about a million times faster so he would just take off when he’d had enough. And by the end of the session, Wally and Lucky were pretty cool with each other.

We went back to the house for a delicious breakfast, hung out for a little while and then went back out for a run on the beach before the rain started. There was a pretty good-sized group of faster folks, so I kept Wally with me to keep him from overdoing it. Plus, then I got the turbo dog pull effect. It was soooooo nice to run on the nice firm sandy beach, with just the sounds of the ocean to keep me company. Eventually, Wally started lagging and I stopped to give him some water and take a picture of the beautiful blue rain cloud coming in over the ocean:

(Instagram popped the color, but only slightly.) Wally seemed to enjoy his adventure:

We chilled out at the house for a little while, sat in the hot tub (that’s right!), ate some lunch. Then we headed into town (or should I say “town”?) for some browsing. There were only a few stores, including a really nice little pet boutique and we found the worlds most awesome doormat (shown here on our porch):

Right?!! We also happened upon this amazing photo op:

(I particularly love that David and Todd are the Mom & Dad Sasquatch and yours truly is the teenaged boy.) I also caught M eating a “Cadbury Scream Egg”:

We browsed in a book store and had a drink at the pub, so I’d say we saw all the highlights. We even stopped at the little grocery store for a few last supplies. Back at the house, things had really gone to the dogs:

We girls went upstairs and did a clothing swap. (Everyone had brought clothes/shoes/bags they didn’t want any more.) There was lots of great stuff to choose from and it was amazing to see how different pieces looked on different people. A shirt that looked hideous on me would look amazing on Timmion. M scored some amazing boots and I made her pose in them, but Tyr had to photobomb the shot:

Raddest. Picture. EVER!

I scored some great stuff, including some things I never would have tried on my own. I even got some totally “non-me” silver strappy high-heeled sandals. The boy is going to have to take me someplace fancy one of these days!

Then there were homemade potato chips (does this day get any better?!) Jenn kicked it up a notch with some kind of crazy bacon-sour cream dip that was ridiculously amazing.

We ended the evening with a great dinner, lots of wine and an epic Mexican Dominos game. The second half of Jenn’s birthday cake may have been devoured somewhere in here as well, details are a little hazy…

The next morning, there was bacon, T’s bagels, fruit. It was pretty much perfect. Then we all went down to the beach for a final walk/dog romp. The rain was starting, so it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as yesterday morning, but the boys seemed unfazed:

We accosted asked a nice couple to take a group shot of all of us:

It was such a fun weekend. I always enjoy hanging out with this crowd and am so fortunate to have such a great group of friends. Many, many thanks to Jenn & Bryan for hosting.

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