Pre-race hijinks: Portland Marathon countdown edition


At long last, the big weekend has arrived. The boy is doing a marathon! After this winter’s heartbreak, we’ve both been worried that injury would sideline him again. But he’s been very diligent with stretching and rolling and actually listening to his body for a change, so fingers crossed that will pay off on Sunday. We took the day off of work on Friday, so we could have a nice leisurely drive. We hit up a local bakery for breakfast sandwiches and T got us some breakfast dessert:

(Apparently, I’m sympathy carbo-loading!)

The drive down was unremarkable. And due to our large breakfast, we didn’t stop en route like we normally do. So, we could check out an amazing sandwich place in Portland that T had been hearing rave reviews about:

The place was classic Portland hipster:

But damn, they make some delicious sandwiches:

Should you find yourself in Portland, I highly recommend checking them out. It’s worth the hipster proximity. 😉 We then dropped the dog off at their sleep-away camp. Per usual, they ran off with not so much as a backward glance to play with their pals. (Ungrateful bastards… ) When we got to my parent’s house, we were greeted by full-sized Bingley:

These in-focus images give a false impression of Young Bingely. Most of my pictures of him look like this:

We talked my mom into coming to the race expo with us so that T could pick up his packet and we wouldn’t hav e to deal with it on Saturday. It was fun to expose her to the crazy world of endurance sports. Since we’d registered for this race way back in March, I forgot that I’d had a little fun with the “Name on Bib” field for Todd:

All hail The Todd! 😛

We collected a bunch of free samples, tasted some gross nutrition products and saw some funny shirts at the expo. This one was my personal favorite:

If I didn’t already own a million running shirts, I’d have bought it.

A local running store was giving out free socks, so we stopped by. They had this creepy Prefontaine statue (who, as a Facebook friend pointed out, looks like Will Farrell playing Pre… ) and we got a group photo with it:

Afterward, my mom had the excellent suggestion of going to Voodoo Donuts. They’ve upgraded their location since we were there last, but the line remains the same:

But the new sign is awesome:

Afterward, we hung out at my parent’s house and enjoyed Bingley’s antics:

Give me that rock!

No! (pugs are so special… )

The next morning was nice and leisurely. We hung out at my mom’s and then headed over to check into our hotel, the Hotel Deluxe. T had worked his work connections to get us a sweet room:

Which was good, because he was going to be grounded and resting for the rest of the day:

I walked around Portland (and noticed all of the marathoners who were not in their rooms resting.) The boy was allowed to come out for a brief trip to Whole Foods for dinner and breakfast supplies and then it was an evening of bad TV and an early bedtime. That alarm was going to be going off way too early tomorrow…



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