Grown-up time


This weekend, Heidi came up for a visit. Much has changed since her visit last year, (new house!) but the best was the ability to FaceTime with Tom & the twins. Even with the technical difficulties, (there were a number of calls where we could only see a gray screen), it was awesome for the girls to get to see their mom and vice versa. Plus, watching three year olds interact with a web-camera was so entertaining. They were either too close or not in the frame at all. At one point, Kenley put her stuffed Pooh bear up in front of the lens. It was fantastic…

Meanwhile, up in Seattle we enjoyed fun grown-up excursions, like going out for sushi on Friday night and a trip to the sculpture garden on Saturday. We also took Heidi to Staple & Fancy, a fantastic Ballard restaurant that we went to last year for T’s birthday. T had won a gift card for it at work, so we figured it would be a really fun place for Heidi to experience some of the local food scene. Naturally, we had to get dressed up:

(In one of Heidi and my patented weird similarities, we are wearing the same lip gloss. For reals… )

We had a late-ish reservation, so we got cocktails at a bar down the street. Then some more cocktails at Staple & Fancy:

Dinner was delicious. We enjoyed many different courses, each one amazing. Perhaps it was all of the cocktails, but I was very enamored of the secret ceramic cow hook on the wall above our table:

(oooooh, artsy!)

In addition to all of the gastronomic adventures, we had some great girl talk and a good time hanging out. I love getting to spend time with Heidi, it’s hard to believe we’ve been friends for nearly 20 years. And even more amazing to think of how much our lives have changed over those years.




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