Peachy keen


On our way back from Coeur d’Alene, I had us stop at a huge fruit stand along I-90 that I’ve seen a million times. (Thorpe fruit stand for the locals out there.) We’re usually in that “just want to get home” mode when we pass it (or nervous about impending pass traffic jams) and have never managed to stop. While there I scored a big box of peaches for 8.95. They were hard as rocks, so I put them in the basement with plans to can them over the weekend.

What I didn’t really think through was the volume:

The peaches covered my counter and were going to require quart jars, which don’t fit in my stockpot. So, after a quick internet search and a phone call to the local True Value, I was on my way to buy a proper canning pot. Which is HUMONGOUS!

(But it does make me feel like a legit canning goddess, so that’s something.)

Thankfully, T stepped in to help me peel and slice the peaches, or I might still be working on it. Together, we peeled, sliced, cooked and ladled peaches into jars. The end result was 10 jars of delicious looking peaches:

I’m really looking forward to having these over the winter to break up the apple/pear rut we frequently find ourselves in.


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