Special bonus day


Today was supposed to be my long ride day. I am trying to hold onto to some of my riding fitness, since it’s about the only activity I’ve done with any consistency this summer. So T & I dutifully suited up and hit the road to ride a loop of the Ironman course. As we rode through downtown, I was extremely bitter about the beautiful calm lake with no wind. Why couldn’t that have been yesterday? Grr… The more I rode, the sadder I got about not getting a good long swim in while we were here. I could do one before we left in the morning, but then I’d have a gross wetsuit moldering in my trunk and it wouldn’t be relaxing. Finally, I made T pull over to look at our route and discuss the situation.

He reasonably pointed out that I was far more concerned with my swim than I was with my bike and that it would be fine to do a shorter ride and a swim instead. I felt guilty about calling the long ride, but agreed that the swim needed more work. Plus, I’d feel a lot better about Leadman if I could do an hour of uninterrupted open water swimming, rather than the laps of Green Lake that I usually do. To make life easier on T, I just walked across the street to the dock that the folks renting us the house owned. It was sort of weird to stare at a view like this with the idea of just swimming along the shore for half an hour and then turning around:

I’ve swum across lakes a number of times, but never just an out and back with no destination in mind. (That was not an option here with all of the boats, even if I went to a part of the lake where the distance was reasonable.) It was odd. It’s also a bit unnerving to be swimming along in a giant lake with motorized boats and jet-skis and whatnot. I was staying fairly close to shore, but I still kept stopping to make sure I wasn’t about to be run over by a jet-ski or something. Thankfully, nothing even came close to me and it was a nice peaceful swim.

Afterward, I walked back across the street to the house, grabbed the boy and we got on our bikes for a little bike ride. We just stayed on the Centennial Trail heading west and had a gorgeous ride. They do something cool on the trail and label most of the hills with the percentage of grade (i.e. 8%, etc.) It was very validating to know exactly how big the hill you just climbed was and helpful to know exactly what you were facing heading back. I (sort of) wish that they’d do that around here with all of our hills. Plus, because the trail was pretty uncrowded, I could stay in my aerobars and hammer along. Combined with the fact of it being after a long open water swim, it was great race practice and a chance to test out a new gel that I’d picked up in Spokane.

We got cleaned up and hung out back at the house for a few hours, catching up with M & J on their adventures. Then headed to a local brew-pub that we think is connected to one that we go to here in Seattle. They had an unusual condiment on the table:

I ordered the world’s largest turkey burger:

And we stepped out of the restaurant to see a lovely sunset:

We then went to Safeway and bought way too many dessert items (a frozen pie and three pints of ice cream!), some of which we ate while playing a DIY version of Mexican Dominos with the regular box of dominos we’d bought in town. It was a fun way to end a very enjoyable weekend. Tomorrow, we head back to real life. Hopefully, the effects of a fun, relaxing weekend will carry me through the rest of the week.





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