Hanging out in downtown CdA


T made a fabulous breakfast, complete with bacon. We decided to check out the swimming area near downtown. T had an easy run, so he decided to run from the house and J took a nice long walk, so it was just the girls. There was a nice big beach, but also a lot of wind, so it wasn’t too enticing. But T got there as I was contemplating my options and guilted me into suiting up and getting out there. I decided to try out the long-sleeved wetsuit this time, since I’d had problems swimming in last year and wanted to make sure it was a viable option in case Leadman was cold. (Gotta explore all of my options!)

The water was crazy choppy and wavy, so I only swam for a short time. But something is better than nothing and it was good to reacquaint myself with the joys of chop. I had Grand Columbian flashbacks, for sure.

Afterward, we decided to check out the downtown area. While we were adding money to the parking meter, the girl in front of us was wearing this rad shirt:

Then on our way to the downtown area, we passed an art gallery with the creepiest painting of a little kid:

(I like that it looks like someone painted part of a family portrait.)

First stop was a really awesome toy store, with a cute name:

It was an insanely awesome toy store:

We looked in a few more shops, had some lunch and I got my picture taken next to this giant wrought iron moose:

Then we went to this huge antique store that M had been talking about. I’m not the biggest antique store fan, to me it always looks like bunch of overpriced junk that might have belonged to my grandmother. But going with M is awesome, she’s all about the kitsch factor. And this place had a ton of it. I couldn’t help taking pictures of some of my favorite highlights. First up, actual stuffed dead squirrel playing golf:

I couldn’t resist taking M’s picture next to this painting. It’s a clipper ship-fest!

And of course T got into the action:

And my favorite silly picture of all, M with the “World’s Greatest Lover” mug:

There was all kinds of racist memorabilia, including this whole cabinet o’racism:

(It boggles my mind that people collect this stuff.)

They had a whole bunch of random signs and posters upstairs. I wanted to buy this one so bad, but it was a tough overpriced. Needless to say, there were many jokes made about it.


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