Labor Day weekend, the Coeur d’Alene edition


Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, but the last few weeks have been pretty much non-stop work with the occasional training thrown in. Not terribly exiting stuff. But thankfully, I had a nice long holiday weekend to look forward to. (And since I made us take the Friday and Tuesday off, it’s really closer to a week than a weekend. Woo hoo!) M had a photography workshop last week in Missoula, so she thought it would be fun to do a weekend in Coeur D’Alene. Since I’ve only driven past it a few times, I was in. (Besides, we’ve got to get as much many fun adventures in before that baby comes along and ruins everything! j/k… )

Since M was coming from the opposite direction, we were also transporting J out there. The drive out was pretty uneventful. We had great weather and left early enough to avoid all of the holiday weekend traffic. We stopped briefly in Spokane to pick up some sports nutrition and get a delicious smoothie from a new juice bar. (Juicing is apparently so hot right now, it’s even reached Spokane!) Then before we knew it, we were arriving at our dump of a vacation rental:

(We’re on the top floor of this dump.) 😉 The little “barn” is next to the owner’s ginormous house, but they were away for the weekend, so we had it pretty much to ourselves:

Here’s our crappy view:

And we’re super far away from the lake:

And then we had to look at a deer grazing on our lawn.

M really can’t pick a vacation rental. It’s sad, really. I went out and ran on the ridiculously lovely Centennial trail that runs along the lake and was across the street from our rental. It was so nice out and the trail wasn’t terribly crowded, save for the occasional smiling family out on their bikes. By the time I’d finished running and cleaned up, M had showed up and we were ready to eat!

Here’s T rocking some serious fashion in his compression sleeves and sandals. (I also like that M’s pregnant belly is in the corner of this shot. Paprazzi style, yo!)

But as T correctly pointed out, this town hosts an Ironman. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before.

The pizza place was pretty decent (it was no Delancey, but much better than I was expecting in a resort town.) We had some delicious adult beverages to set the weekend off right. Except for M, who had some bubble water instead. (When she ordered it, the waitress looked confused and said she didn’t think they had that, except for club soda from the bar or San Pellegrino. Um… ) Artsy picture of aforementioned beverages:

I think this weekend is off to an excellent start!





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