Two days of summer


Each year, Seattle (usually) has a couple of days of actual hot weather. These are always accompanied by a great deal of complaining, followed by justifications of “But we don’t have air conditioning” when called on it by people living in places that get over 100 degree weather for more than two days a year. It’s a tradition I personally look forward to every year because I get to wear my shorts and not have to put on a sweatshirt. Completely coincidentally, we’d invited friends over for BBQ dinner in the backyard. (I’d hoped that the weather would cooperate, but you never know about Seattle… )

It’s also Seafair weekend which is a big crazy festival on Lake Washington that includes performances from the Blue Angels. Naturally, every beach anywhere near Lake Washington is crazy talk. I thought the ones further north wouldn’t be too bad when I planned where I’d run, but was quite wrong and had to park much further away from my start point than usual. My run was terrible, but since I started it at 12:30, that was not exactly a mystery or a surprise. I did get to see a glimpse of Blue Angels in formation which was fun. After a restorative Big Gulp, I made the customary last trip to Whole Foods for things we’d forgotten/run out of/didn’t realize we’d need and headed home to help T with the last bits of prep. (To the patrons of WF, I’m sorry. You proabably weren’t prepared to interact with that sweaty, grumpy girl clutching a Diet Coke… )

Luckily, we’d made salads in advance and only had minor amounts of actual cooking and set up to do. It was pretty toasty outside, but we’d made sure to have plenty of icy beverages:

(In my cute little beverage tub from Target, no less! Martha Stewart, eat your heart out… ) It was fun to actually set the outdoor table for a change:

We were joined by Bryan, Jenn, M & J. It was a lovely evening (especially as the heat came down) filled with entertaining conversation and summery food and drink. It was a perfect summer evening.

The next morning, T & I were supposed to do a long ride in preparation for RSVP which is coming up FAST. (Gulp!) We were going to get up early and ride 80-something miles and be good little athletes. But when I woke up that morning, all I wanted to do was watch some Olympics and go out for a nice leisurely breakfast. From the way T was stalling, I could tell he didn’t want to ride either. So, we walked over to Beth’s for breakfast with the resolution that we’d figure out a shorter ride or alternate plan.

I always giggle when I see these giant metal chickens, thanks to this epic blog post:

T’s hip has been bugging him lately and it was already hurting on the relatively short walk to breakfast. We decided he should probably rest it rather than riding. (Missing a ride isn’t going to impact his RSVP experience at all, given how strong he is on the bike… ) That left me to decide if I was going to be responsible or lay on the couch and watch more Olympics. (I think we all know how that ended up!) But honestly, even though I felt a bit guilty about not riding, it was nice to enjoy a lazy summer day during the brief days of actual summer.

After reading my book and napping (!!) for a little while, we got a call from M asking if we wanted to go find a beach and cool off in some water somewhere. We did and decided to check out a place she called “secret beach” near their place. I’d heard her talk about “secret beach” but hadn’t been. To get to the beach, you walk down this sandy pathway between two big apartment buildings:

You’d never even know there was a public beach there, which was why it wasn’t terribly crowded:

Except for when the stand-up paddleboard class took off, then it was pretty congested: 😉

After a nice afternoon of basking in the sun interspersed with wading into FREEZING COLD WATER, we were feeling far too lazy to cook. M proposed Delancey, which sounded perfect to us. We lucked out that there wasn’t even a crazy long wait time and we got a table by the window. Everyone was in full on relaxed summer mode, so I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of M & J. (I call this one “Are you taking my picture?”)

This kicked off a bit of photo taking:

(I like the added rear view reflection in this shot)

Maybe in two weeks when I’m grinding up some crazy hill, I’ll be sad that I didn’t spend this weekend training, but somehow I don’t think so.



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