New addition


So, there’s been a bit of huge news brewing in our little foursome of Grumpersons and Dragonfires (Grumperfires?) M is pregnant! And while I’m not a baby person per se, I’m pretty excited about it. While I’ve had other good friends have babies, M is the first one I’m close to both in terms of friendship and geography. Honestly, it feels more like having a niece/nephew on the way than a good friend having a baby. So, I was thrilled when she invited me to her sonogram to see how the baby was cooking.

I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of the baby on the screen (due to some sort of HIPAA violation) so you only get a few not so great low-light pictures. Let’s just pretend they’re all cool and vintage and not just crappy, shall we?

I like this one because it looks like M’s about to flash me:

And this one is about one second after she stuck her tongue out at me:

And then J poked the baby. I love this photo even though it’s super grainy and terrible:

It was very cool to watch the sonogram. There were a couple of amazing moments where we saw the baby open its tiny mouth and move its little hands and feet. Since it’s about 10 oz. and the size of a softball, it was pretty crazy that it has all of its bones and whatnot. (I keep referring to it in the neutral pronoun because M & J have opted not to know the sex of the baby, a decision that I respect despite the fact that it drives this impatient girl a little nuts… ) They got a cute photo/screenshot of the baby where it looks like it’s sucking its thumb. Since the last sonogram she showed me had the baby looking like Voldemort/an alien, I’m glad she got a cute one this time.

So, big changes are on the horizon. And like most big changes they are equal parts scary and exciting. I hope the baby likes sarcasm. And having its picture taken. And that we won’t lose M & J to some fun kid-having friends. Whatever happens, it’s going to be an interesting journey!


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