Happy birthday, America!


Gotta love a Wednesday holiday, right? Poor T had to work a half day, so it was a fairly unproductive morning for me. Then I headed east to meet up with him and his co-worker Dot for an afternoon bike ride. We ended up doing a loop of Lake Sammamish (a full loop this time, rather than an out and back.) Dot is fast, so I could really have used a magic donut. But chasing her and T was good for me and I held a way better average pace than normal, so I was pleased.

M & J were coming over for dinner, so after the ride we hustled home to get ready. We actually had nice weather for a change, so we were planning to dine in the backyard. It was a nice relaxing summer evening, kicking back with some good friends. Inevitably, people started shooting off fireworks, which would send Wally into a barking frenzy sprinting in the direction of the noise. He was getting some good exercise, but we felt like his homemade “Thunder shirt” would also be a good idea:

He still ran around and barked while we were outside, but settled down pretty nicely in his crate. Our plan for the evening was to head to J’s office to watch fireworks, so we crated the boys in the basement with some music on the iPod to camouflage what fireworks noise might reach them. We were a little nervous about it, but there wasn’t much else to be done. There didn’t seem much point in all of staying home and being miserable.

As we drove down to J’s office, it was shocking how many boats were out on Lake Union. I tried to get a picture from the car:

J’s office had a great variety of snacks and beverages, plus a balcony where we could watch the fireworks pretty comfortably. Here are M & T in our sweet set-up (you can’t see the bottle of wine and giant cup of m&m’s, but they’re in there:

The view wasn’t too shabby:

We were concerned about the crane obstructing our view:

But it ended up framing the fireworks very nicely:

And the Instagram version:

It was a nice little display of fireworks. (Especially since we hadn’t been out to see actual fireworks for six years, since getting Wally.) And certainly much better than poor San Diego. And best of all, the boys seemed perfectly fine when we got back home. Except for when he went out to pee, Wally settled down just fine. I am feeling very optimistic about future fourths!


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