Check your head


I have this problem. In the spring, I get all gung ho and sign up for races, thinking that somehow I’ll be way more excited and motivated to train for them later on. Apparently, March Michelle is all kinds of ambitious. In addition to a two day bike ride to Vancouver BC (approx. 200 miles), we are also signed up for the Portland Marathon in October. Oh, and just for fun, I’ve got a half-iron distance (more or less, the distances are a little screwy) triathlon in mid-September. Unfortunately, summer Michelle is just not on board.

I’ve been struggling a lot with my training lately. The achilles issue that I’ve been dealing with for over a year invited a new friend to the party: a random hip pain that not only comes and goes randomly, it also likes to move around. It’s made running a real pain in the ass (literally!) Combined with our craptastic weather, it’s made motivation a big problem. I’ve been going to ART (active release therapy) off and on for a while and recently I added acupuncture to the roster, which seems to be helping.

This week has been much better, the hip pain is calming down. I’m way slower than normal, but I’ve managed to run three times this week. I also got out on the bike twice this weekend, despite crappy weather and losing my training partner to the dreaded man-flu. This was the sight as I headed out. I mean, come on, it’s just not fair!

Yesterday, I took Slim out for a nice windy two hour ride. Today, it was the road bike’s turn. (I’m still debating which bike I want to ride for RSVP… )

I haven’t been on this bike in two years (sad) so it felt a little weird at first, especially with the adjustments from Dan’s bike fit, but I soon got the hang of it. I decided to do a favorite old ride of repeats up the hill near my former job. There’s not usually too much traffic and it’s blocked from the crazy amount of wind. The ride went pretty well and aside from a couple of douche Priuses my return home was fairly uneventful. Until I looked ahead at what is officially the Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Seen in a Bike Lane:

Why yes, that is a family pushing a row boat down Ravenna Avenue’s bike lane. I couldn’t figure out what it was when I was coming up behind them at the stoplight. (And then I couldn’t stop laughing.) I had to turn around and go back so that I could get a picture of this spectacle:

I particularly like that the little girl is wearing her bathing suit and flip flops. So, I just need to keep in mind when I just want to do this…

…that I need to get out on my bike. Because who knows what I might be missing!




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