Vegging out


T and I have a big ride coming up in August. So, what we should have been doing today was riding our bikes. But for whatever reason, neither of us could muster the enthusiasm to make that happen. We were feeding M & J’s cats, so we stopped by the Ballard Farmer’s Market for some veggies. I thought I did pretty well. Here’s what 23 bucks buys you:

Back at home, there was more discussion of whether or not we were going to ride. And we decided we’d really rather spend the day tackling a couple of projects we hadn’t had time for, including making a home for those tomato plants we picked up in Prosser last weekend. So, the ride was called in favor of a raised bed project. After a trip to Lowes and Home Depot (don’t ask) we were off and running. I worked on some cooking projects while T got started on the construction phase. There was a good bit of swearing and grumbling, but before long there was some real progress being made. Of course, he did have lots of assistance:

So much assistance:

Moving the box into position (and don’t think that he doesn’t have a master plan diagram for future boxes, because you’d be way wrong… )

Then the box got loaded with potting soil/compost and tomato plants:

The boy posing with his triumph:

And Wally wandered in to enjoy a few more mouthfuls of potting soil. (Life with labs is so awesome!)

Not to be outdone by T’s awesome project, I threw down a delicious dinner of grilled salmon and a delicious lentil salad with asparagus and arugula pesto. Bam!

While it was a terrible day for bike training, it was a very productive day around the Dragonfire house.


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