Memorial weekend, Prosser style


For the first big holiday weekend, it’s always nice to have a fun getaway planned. Even nicer when that getaway includes good friends, lovely bike rides, delicious wine and tons of great food. Yep, that’s right, it’s a trip to Prosser. As usual, I packed light for the excursion:

We left Seattle on Friday morning and avoided most of the holiday traffic. We dropped the boys off at daycare, after a brief meeting with Lucky. Everyone did okay, except for Wally’s spastic random barking. (He’s so special.) Then it was a delicious dinner of salmon and veggies followed by a fun evening playing Mexican dominos at the coffee house/wine bar/Friday night hot spot in downtown Prosser. We rode bikes to get there, with T and I getting to ride the rad cruiser tandem. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying not to die to get pictures of that lovely spectacle. Picture me shrieking obscenities on the back of a gorgeous tandem and you get the gist… Definitely a good way to kick things off.

The next morning, Erin & David were on crepe duty at the Farmer’s Market. T and I headed out for a quick bike ride, which was a crazy windy sufferfest. For some reason, I never assume that a ride sucks because of false flats or major headwinds, I always assume it’s me. So when we finally turned around, I was pleasantly surprised by the downhill/tailwind combo that whisked us back to town in no time. We traded fancy bikes for the cruiser tandem (What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment… ) and headed over to the Farmer’s Market.

Erin & David were in full swing, with a line and everything. Here’s Erin laying down some mad crepe-making skills:

There was a stand selling some awesome tomato plants for two bucks apiece, so we loaded up the tandem:

Could you just die from all of the vintagey adorableness? The best part about hanging out at the coffee house the previous night was that we knew a handful of people at the market. It was like a test drive of small town life. Which is a little surreal after so many years of big city living. We hung out with Erin & David until the market shut down and then headed back to the house to get cleaned up. We had a party to attend that evening, the much heralded Pig & Pyre at a friend’s farm. This meant getting all gussied up:

Who’s this varmint?

The Pig & Pyre is an annual event and is a big pork feast followed by a bonfire. We’d heard much about it from Erin and were it did not disappoint. There were hats:

And custom wine:

(much better than the moonshine… I mean… punch that was also on offer. Gross.) Even the port-a-potties got fancy, thanks to Erin:

But here’s where the magic happened:

It was quite a system, with all kinds of pork cooking fanciness. There was a circle of camp chairs around it, filled with people of varying sobriety more or less monitoring the temperature of the pit. Occasionally, someone would move coals in or out of the pit to regulate the temperature.

In addition to many pounds of pork, there was tons of other foods. Before we knew it, it was time to chow down:

It was a lovely night:

Stomachs bulging, we wandered over to sit around the enormous bonfire:

After all of that food, it was embarrassing how quickly we started getting sleepy. So, we had to call it a night. There were rumors of karaoke and copious amounts of alcohol, so I’m sure it was quite a night for the heartier partiers. (See what I did there? :-P)

The next morning, it was time for another bike ride.

This time with the whole crew. We had a great ride, with much less wind and misery than the previous day. David took us on a route that ended at a very convenient winery stop. We’d met the winemaker and his partner at the Pig & Pyre, so it was like seeing old friends. They had a lovely tasting room:

Filled with cool little details:

They also had delicious wine, including a rosé that was so good we bought a case of it. (Not during the ride, we drove back to do that later.) We finished our ride with lunch at a local place. It was pretty much the funnest bike ride ever.

Our last morning, T and I took one final bike ride with David before picking up the dogs and hitting the road. David and T took all of the dogs to the park to get a little run around before the long drive home. It was an awesome weekend, all thanks to the epic hosting skills of the Webivans. (Erin & David’s new nickname.)



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