Mothers day x2


One of the up sides of this weekend is that it included Mothers Day. For the first time since we all lived at home, my mom was able to have all of her children around to celebrate. In a rare moment of planning ahead, I’d picked up cards for her and Todd’s mom, so I was able to have all of my siblings sign it to surprise her. We also made a delicious brunch with bacon and Nerissa’s ridiculous stuffed french toast:

It was a surprisingly enjoyable morning, with no petty bullshit from my sister. All of us acting like grown-ups and having a nice conversation. I think my mom really appreciated it. Then, it was time for Todd and I to hit the road. We had to spring the boys from their boarding place and make a quick trip down to Salem to see Todd’s mom and Joe. Because of the sunny weather, we’d brought bikes to go for a ride with Todd’s mom, which was very pleasant.

Afterward, we hung out in her backyard for a little while where we were treated to this hilarious spectacle:

Yes, that’s an old man in a speedo weed-whacking his yard. You can’t make this stuff up folks… We ended the evening with an early grilled dinner of veggies and fish and enjoyed the summer-like evening weather. A relaxing end to a tumultuous weekend.


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