Family business


Apparently, the upcoming trip to my grandmother’s funeral wasn’t filled with enough angsty drama. Earlier this week, my dad went into the hospital. Initially, it was a urinary tract infection, but then turned into a blood infection. My brother sent me an email yesterday morning that he had sepsis which prompted a query on Facebook about what that meant. (Terrible idea. Very alarming.) But talking to my mom didn’t yield a lot more information, she said he was septic (I don’t if there’s a difference between those two terms.) But he was in the ICU and I didn’t think I could really add anything to the situation, so I kept to my plan of coming down on Friday morning.

The night before, I soaked up all of the relaxation I could, as I figured that would be in very short supply. And enjoyed a tasty adult beverage. Don’t judge me…

The boys enjoyed a nice chew on some of the firewood. They’re so special.

The next morning, we left early and dropped the dogs off at their boarding/vacation spot in the early afternoon. We arrived at my mom’s house to find that my dad was going to be released from the hospital later that afternoon. My mom was taking a little break from being at the hospital practically non-stop and my sister was still there with my dad. Since there wasn’t much for us to do, we excused ourself to run a couple of errands in town. We sold a bunch of books and then stopped for a little snack at a place in Southeast Portland called the Waffle Window. We split two waffles, one was a savory one with bacon, brie and some other deliciousness.

And the other was a sweet one with salted caramel ice cream and dark chocolate.

(Should you find yourself in that neck of the woods, I HIGHLY recommend it.) It was nice to have a brief respite before the family craziness started up. We headed back to the house, stopping at Trader Joes for some snacks and much needed wine.

When we got back, my dad had returned from the hospital and was sound asleep. My sister had taken my youngest brother to Costco to pick up cigarettes, so our awkward reunion was delayed a bit longer. We poured my mom some wine and played with the newest member of the family, little baby Bingley.

This is pretty much the only good picture I got of him. The rest looked more like this:

But his cuteness was an excellent distraction from all of the family dynamics as my sister finally entered the house. At that point, T and I were busy helping make turkey burgers for dinner, so we didn’t have to interact too much. At some point, my mom asked my sister if she wanted to make the salad and my sister shrugged “whatever” and wandered out of the room. But then a little while later, my mom came into the kitchen and said “I don’t want to start a big thing, but your sister really wants to make the salad.” Sigh. I’d like to say I was super mature and took the high road, but in reality I grabbed a bottle of wine and went out to the backyard to send snarky texts. And take artsy pictures of the trees.

T came out to keep me company (and nod at appropriate places during my tirade). I don’t need to get into the whole thing here, but suffice it to say it was aggravating. Eventually, I stopped sulking and returned to the house. We ate an uncomfortable dinner and then T ended up cleaning my mom’s fridge while looking for yeast to start a bread. (Long story.) You know things have reached a low point when this is your evenings entertainment:

Poor boy.


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