A well-deserved vacation


For the boy, that is! In addition, to all of the fun-filled unpacking of boxes at home, T had been dealing with a big office move/renovation at work and had no escape from all of the moving chaos. So, I was happy that we’d booked a little getaway down to San Diego for the big anniversary. Even with the very early wake-up call, we were both pretty excited to get out the door. I mean, with this in the forecast, what’s not to be excited about?

Although Seattle was looking like they were going to have some decent weather as well:

After picking up the rental car and a stop at In-N-Out burger for the boy, we were off to the hotel. We’d booked a fancy room over on Coronado Island, because we thought it would be fun to stay there and felt that the occasion deserved special lodging. When we got there, however, our room wasn’t ready. I was a bit annoyed because a.) it was 3:00 in the afternoon and b.) I’d filled out our time of arrival when I’d booked the room. So, we ended up hanging out in the pool area for about half an hour. Not huge deal, but not the best way to kick off our weekend.

Our room was also a bit on the underwhelming side, so note to future San Diego travellers, avoid the Loews Coronado. The thing it did have going for it was this lovely balcony overlooking the marina:

T tested out it’s relaxing capabilities and found them excellent.

After a little while, we headed into Coronado to wander around before dinner. It’s a super cute little town dominated by a historic old hotel called the Del Coronado:

I even talked the boy into taking my picture:

The hotel is right on the beach, where there was some super-fancy event set up:

I felt a little sad for them, having their big fancy party right next to a public path and a bunch of random gawkers, but whoever designed it did a nice job. Afterward, it was off to Old Town for some margaritas and mexican food. Yum!

We went to a place that we used to go when my sister lived in San Diego and it was as good as I remembered. Deliciousness.

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