A very moving weekend


After a week of box packing and general preparations, the big day was finally here. We were up super early to go pick up the rental truck and do the final bits of furniture disassembly/prep. I went and picked up J and breakfast, while T brought the truck back to our place. Earlier in the week, T had the genius idea to stack boxes in our storage area:

Which meant it was way easier to load boxes into the truck. He’d already gotten this much done by the time we got back to the apartment:

Unfortunately, also as we arrived back at the house, my mom called. Apparently, my grandmother, (who had fallen and cracked her pelvis earlier in the week), had suddenly taken a very serious turn for the worse and was not expected to live much longer. As I was trying to figure out how I could get down to Oregon to see her, I talked to my mom again and it turned out she’d actually passed away late that night. It was very sad, but my grandmother was 88 and had lived a very full life. So, I had to put aside my sadness and get back to work. So very much work…

George had his priorities in order: as long as I’m near my cat-feeder, I’ll be a-okay!

Little by little, the big truck got filled…

And then everything had to be taken to the new place and unloaded. M joined the party and helped us unload stuff. And at the end of it all, we were pretty wiped out. I made a run to get some snacks and beers for the boys that we enjoyed in our new backyard:

I am so grateful to M & J for their help. We definitely owe them help on their next move. After the obligatory post-move pizza, we did a little unpacking (mostly assembling the bedroom into a sleep-able state) and then collapsed.

The next morning, I woke up way earlier than T and joined the kitties in the sunny living room:

They seem to be settling in very well. I think that window is going to be a big favorite with all of the animals. It’s like pet-TV.

Eventually the boy got up and we had to head out for some errands (cleaning up the old apartment, obligatory Target trip for a few odds and ends). But before tackling all of that, we decided to go out for breakfast in the new neighborhood:

I’d heard about this place for years, but never felt like making the trip over to check it out. But now, it’s all too conveniently located near the new place. They are known for their 12-egg omelet/huge portions. Here’s T with his “mini” breakfast:

The walls of the place were covered with crayon drawing done by various (adult) patrons. This one was right next to us and was far and away my favorite:

So rad. It made our day of errand-running and box unpacking feel so much more enjoyable. We almost didn’t mind missing the incredibly gorgeous sunny weather happening outside. Almost. 🙂


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