Unlucky weather


When I was growing up, my mother swore that Friday the 13th was actually a lucky day for her. Since I usually don’t even notice that it’s Friday the 13th, I can’t really argue the point. Well, at least as far as the weather was concerned, we were definitely unlucky up at Xantusia. There were gray clouds, wind and rain. (Hmmm, kinda sounds like Seattle weather, not Southern California weather, doesn’t it?!)

We decided to head up to Punchbowl for a run/hike. We figured the trail would be fairly protected from the wind and shouldn’t be too bad. What we didn’t count on was the little pellets of frozen rain that would sting our faces and force most of us to walk/run/hike with one hand protecting our face from the onslaught. We did have cover when we got to the trail, but the girls who were walking/hiking were definitely not going to want to be out there longer than 30-40 minutes, so we cut the run a little bit short. I stayed back with Gail so that no one was on their own, and I’m afraid I got us a little lost on the way back. But we found our way back to the parking lot and took a quick photo to commemorate the experience:

We don’t look nearly as cold and wet as we actually were. We headed back to the house with the plan of going down into Palmdale to swim at their awesome pool. Monty called the pool to make sure they were open and unfortunately they had thunder down there, so had to keep the pool closed for 30 minutes. So, we called again and the same thing had happened, which pretty much meant swim wasn’t happening. So, no swim. Definitely no bike. We already went for a run. What was a house full of stir-crazy triathlete chicks going to do? There’s only so much chihuahua torture you can do:

Luckily, we’d planned a gear swap/gift exchange where everyone brought either a little gift or piece of gear they weren’t using any more. There was quite a spread:

We then drew numbers to select an order for people to pick things. We had so much stuff that we got to go through the rotation three times. Yours truly scored a bottle of wine, a cool bag and some sweet Las Vegas socks. It was such a great idea, I’m going to have to put one together at home next time I have a bunch of gear to get rid of. It’s like shopping but without having to spend a bunch of money.

Then we had a little outbreak of sunshine (and a gorgeous rainbow):

It was too late to go for a ride and we’d already started drinking margaritas, so what to do? Andy came up with the crazy idea of a “margarita mile” (well, it was only 0.8 miles to the bottom of the bottom of the driveway and back). Just about everyone came out to participate in the run portion at least:

And we’re off!

Emmy was the winner and actually chugged her margarita at the finish line. What a trooper!

Rounding out the podium was Andy, Christina and Mrs. Monty:

Mrs. Monty wasn’t looking so good:

Here’s yours truly heading for the line for fifth place:

All in all, I’d say the First Annual Slowtwitch Womens Margarita Mile was a rousing success!

Shortly after we went in for dinner it started raining again, so our timing was perfect! Later on, the rain actually became snow! I never thought I’d see snow up here in April:

(Thankfully, these were neither my running shoes nor my bike.) I guess Friday the 13th has some lucky qualities to it after all…


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