Let the games begin!


The next morning, I spent a little more time with my girls including a trip to a nearby indoor playground where they had a play date. The place was called Under the Sea and was like heaven on earth for little ones. There was a bouncy house that Kamryn was super excited about:

There were a ton of slides that the girls were also very excited about, although they have very different approaches. Kenley likes to go down the slide backwards:

And she was so pleased with herself:

Kamryn was more of a classicist on the slide:

But soon it was time to bid the girls and Heidi farewell and head off to tri camp. But I first had a planned detour, a trip to the gorgeous Santa Clarita Aquatic Center. Who cares about wind and gray clouds on the horizon when there’s an opportunity to swim here:

I had a lane all to myself. Heck, I had the womens changing room to myself! It was awesome.

And then of course there was a quick refueling stop at the In-N-Out burger:

And finally, it was time to actually finish the drive to tri camp. I’m always struck how out in the middle of nowhere this camp is:

And there usually isn’t snow on the mountain tops. But I made it in one piece and got to meet most of the other girls who had just returned from a bike ride. I chit-chatted with them and then got my bags out of the car. There were a few girls wanting to go out for a run, so I decided to join them. I love that we can run on a dirt road like this right from the door:

With my favorite joshua trees along the path. There were a few still flowering, which was cool:

We also got to meet Monty’s wife and 8-month old son Wyatt, who was rocking a head-shaping helmet:

He was a cute little guy, (even if he does look like a mini-Magneto) who had no shortage of attention from the ladies:

All in all, a very successful day. It looks like a big fun group and I think it’s going to be a good time.


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