Heading south


Packing up for tri-camp was just as much of a challenge as ever. This year, I sprang for a fancy soft-sided bike case that folks on my tri forum swear by. It came with all sorts of fancy foam wraps, but it’s still a little unnerving to pack my beloved bike and put it on an airplane. So, I took a photo for the insurance company in case something bad happened:

And, because I’m a huge dork, I had to make an artsy version with Instagram:

In addition to packing up my bike nice and snug, it doesn’t look like a bike case, so I didn’t have to pay the extra bike fee most airlines charge, which was a nice bonus. As is my custom when leaving Seattle for warmer climes, I had to take a picture out the plane window as I was waiting for take-off. And as usual, it was a cavalcade of grayness:

But when we landed in Burbank, the view wasn’t much different!

Yes, that’s right. I managed to time my trip during a rare rainy period in Southern California. (Grrrr… ) Luckily, I had this big pimpin’ rental car to cheer me up:

I texted Heidi that I was on my way over and drove the short distance to her house. I arrived to find her dressing the girls, who apparently had been enjoying the earlier days rain. It was hard to believe how much bigger they were since I’d seen them last year. They were still a little shy with me initially, but shook that off pretty quickly and were soon entertaining me with their silly antics.

Heidi proposed IKEA for lunch since there was a play area and kids eat free from noon to 4. I love me some IKEA, so I was in. I was tasked with watching the girls while Heidi went to get lunch and was a nervous wreck trying to keep an eye on them. (Even though they were playing perfectly fine in the play area… ) After a nice lunch, we went to test out big girl beds:

I love this shot of Kenley contemplating the stuffed broccoli in her bed:

On the way home, Kamryn fell asleep in the car. Which killed her naptime. So, after some “quiet time” in their room, we battened down the hatches for a fussy evening. To delay the inevitable, we went outside to play on the swings. Kamryn is a swinging junkie, we had a good time pushing her “high into the sky” and listening to that awesome giggle that’s one part scared to two parts thrilled. I bet she’s going to love roller coasters when she grows up. Maybe she’ll go on the Dragon Swing with me, since T never wants to…

As we’d anticipated the girls were very tired and a little (okay, a lot) punchy by dinner time. I felt bad for Heidi and Tom, but I found the punch-drunk toddler antics pretty hilarious. At one point, Kamryn tossed her pizza onto the floor and Oatmeal (the dog) started to eat it, which prompted a melodramatic “Oatmeal is eating my lunch.” Then when we calmly pointed out that she had in fact given Oatmeal her dinner, her little face was so funny. She continued to say under her breath “But she’s EATING my LUNCH.” which was totally cracking me up. Thankfully, Heidi and I had plenty of “mommy juice” (wine) to enjoy with that production.

After they got the girls down for bed, Heidi and I took a little field trip to Trader Joes, where we saw this hilarious sign:

We both wondered who the decision-making entity behind this was. Is there a different mental illness featured each month? How do you select the official flower? Is there a committee? It was pretty awesome.


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