Unexpectedly epic April


T & I have been wanting to rent a house for a while now. With him having a stable job, I’d been researching the local rental market and we were finally ready to start looking at some places. We had originally been planning to move in mid-May, but we went to look at a place yesterday that I just fell in love with. I made us put in an application, certain that there would probably be some competition for it and that we might not get it. (Can you tell I am used to the rental markets of New York and the Bay Area?)

Well, today we found out that we got the place and are the proud renters of this adorable little place:

It’s tiny and quirky, but it’s got this great yard for the boys:

Complete with possible future pizza oven/outdoor fireplace:

We’re very excited about it, even though it makes April a little bit crazy. (I’m going to be at tri-camp the weekend we sign the lease, so we’ll be moving in the following weekend. And then going out of town the following weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Whew!) Our new landlords are a really nice couple and I think we’re really going to like living there. They are not only fine with us painting, but are letting us come in the weekend before we sign the lease to do it. So, it’s going to be a busy month!


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