An odd night out


The boy’s company was opening a new store in a town north of Seattle. They were having a friends and family event, sort of a “test run” the night before store opening. It was fun to see a brand new upscale organic grocery store. Everything was all freshly stocked and colorful:

My favorite section was the bulk section. They had all sorts of crazy heirloom dried beans:

And they even had this awesome raw cereal that I thought I could only order online. Score! It was fun to wander around the store and watch T schmooze with his cohorts. I think he knows everyone in the company now. It’s pretty impressive. I also really liked their check-out lane numbering design:

So, after spending time amongst the highest quality, sustainably produced, organic food, where else should one go to dinner but the Old Spaghetti Factory? 😉 It was conveniently located down the street and I must confess it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Besides, I’m sure this was just as healthy… oh forget it…

Besides, we got to eat in a train car! You don’t get to do that everyday. It was a fun evening out, even if it was a little bit odd.


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