A trip to the bike expo


I know there are way too many Groupon-like sites out now, but occasionally there will be a useful one. For example, there was a deal for two tickets to the bike expo for something like 7 bucks. Since a.) I didn’t know there was a bike expo, b.) what a bike expo might be and c.) seven dollars is pretty damn reasonable to find out. Plus, I’m always up for something different to do on a rainy Seattle Saturday. So, the boy and I braved the elements and drove over, which felt a little hypocritical until we saw the parking lot shuttle. So, we may not have been able to be as smug as the folks that rode their bikes, we could at least look down on the jokers waiting for the shuttle while we walked the quarter mile in the rain and wind. 🙂

The expo itself was interesting. There were all sorts of booths advertising organized rides and bike-related products. And a big display of historical bikes, which was my favorite part:

How they shifted bikes in the 20’s

Old-school deep racing wheels.I wonder if I could get a set of these for Slim…

We also saw a booth with beautiful wooden bikes, like this gorgeous tri-bike:

And there were of course amusing things, like this man dressed as a Cliff bar. (Now, there was a Cliff booth, but his costume looked homemade, so I wonder if it’s like when people dress up like Star Wars characters. Who knows?)

I really wanted to see the person who could ride this bike and ask them where on earth they bought pants:

All in all, it was a fun afternoon outing and well worth the seven bucks.


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