Full weather spectrum


Prior to our trip to Phoenix, we’d been invited to spend a weekend at our friend’s cabin out in Withrop. Never one to say no to a fun weekend with friends, especially since the boy could really use a fun weekend after his last few lackluster ones, we packed our bags and headed east. (Gotta love a two day work week!) After spending the previous weekend in the desert, it was funny to spend this one surrounded by tons of snow.

It was actually snowing when we arrived, which made for a lovely little snowshoe expedition right out their back door. Here’s Bryan, losing the battle with Jenn’s snowshoe bindings and opting to leave them behind. (The cabin is to the far right of the picture, someone obscured by the tree.)

And T, exploring the wonders of post-surgery exercise:

While we were out, I had to take a picture of this sign. For those of us not familiar with groomed cross-country ski trails, it just looked hilarious to see all of those rules posted together:

Jenn & Bryan’s cabin is awesome. It’s the perfect size and filled with great touches. Like this rad guy:

It’s about to undergo some significant renovations, so it was cool to get to see the “before” picture in person. (And it’s going to be so beautiful when they are done. I can’t wait to see the “after.”) Greta and Tyr were their usual gorgeous/sweet selves:

Even if poor Tyr had to endure pestering from T. She handled it like a lady though…

Saturday brought us a bright blue sky, which we took advantage by doing a guided snowshoe trip in Mazama. It was very enjoyable, (though there were a few too many long stops with lengthy discussion of whether or not those tracks are a mountain lion or an off-leash lab… ) But when the scenery looks like this, it makes everything easier to deal with:

The rest of the day was a lovely combination of good food, some minor/pleasing errands (including a trip to a wonderful little farm store), followed by more good food back at the cabin and a fun night playing a game called Mexican Dominos (which despite having a very racist name, was a lot of fun.) It was a great weekend and we were sad to see it come to an end.

We did liven up the trip back with a stop at world-famous (?) Rusty’s drive-in in Cashmere, WA:

World famous or not, they had pretty good food. We also stopped in to a local grocery store to buy some water/use the restroom and saw their unique approach to checkstand numbering. (Can you tell we’re in apple country?)

Many thanks to our gracious hosts for all of their hospitality. We had so much fun. Now I just have to brush up on my Mexican dominos for a future rematch…



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