Post-race hijinks, Arizona style


On our way home from the race, we stopped at a local grocery store to get some ice for an ice bath. (I also took the opportunity to buy some Girl Scout cookies.) As I was wandering through the freezer section on the hunt for ice, I noticed that the frozen food section was also the random cement lawn statues section:

There was one that looked like Wally:

When we got back to the hotel, it was ice bath time. M got the honor of going first (finishing a marathon has it’s perks!)

It’s funny to watch other people’s ice bath process. Apparently, M’s involves crouching by the side of the tub while she works up the courage to get in. 🙂

In the interests of fairness, I let her take one of my rocking ice bath outfit.

After the ice baths, there was some nice lounging in the bed and eating junk food:

And I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the post-race detritus on the bed:


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