Mixing business with pleasure


Today was a nice combination of business and pleasure. Both M & I had a short run on our training plan, so we got that out of the way early. (I even talked her into running my pick-ups with me.) It was helpful to run here and make some final decisions on my race outfit (I’d been debating shorts vs. the running capris I’d been training in – definitely shorts!) Then we headed out to Scottsdale to run a few errands and visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, followed by dinner with an old friend of M’s. The first of the errands was packet pick-up and a few last minute race items at the Roadrunner Sport, so it was low-key and enjoyable. (There was even a 20% off discount for people doing our race. Score!) Then a little guilty pleasure lunch at Red Robin and it was off to enjoy some architecture.

I’ll confess I’ve never been the hugest fan of FLW, mostly because like many great architects he was an ego maniacal asshat. But I like Falling Water and M is a huge fan of his, so I agreed to go. And I was really glad I did, because the tour was really interesting and the site was beautiful. Rather than giving you a blow by blow, I’m just going to share my favorite shots (of the many, many that I took.)

The site is high up on a hillside, so you also get to enjoy sweeping views of the desert and awesome cacti:

Should you find yourself in Scottsdale, Arizona with some time to kill, I highly suggest you check it out. (Take the 90 minute tour, it’s well worth it.) Then it was off to dinner with M’s friend Shasta and her husband Henry. M & Shasta lived together in Boston and it was fun to hear stories of that time in their lives. They took us to the Scottsdale location of a venerable New York pizzeria Grimaldis and the food was delicious. We also got to meet Shasta & Henry’s adorable little girls, which was fun. Then we hit Trader Joes for our final errand of the evening. Picking out pre and post-race food at Trader Joes is a lot of fun. You end up with a basket that looks like this:



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