Best Western indeed


Getting on a plane to Phoenix makes this view out of my window far less depressing.

Our flight from Seattle to Phoenix was uneventful but took forever with a stop-over in Salt Lake City. I managed to score the front row both flights, but didn’t get to sit with M & J. On the second flight, I landed an aisle seat and snapped this picture while people were being seated:

It’s fun to see all of the crazy instruments and what-not. (Even though I secretly believe that they are all for show… ) The guy next to me on this leg of the trip was an affable older man who slept most of the short flight, but as we were descending he noticed the running magazine I was reading and asked if I was a runner. I responded that I was and told him about the impending marathon. He asked me a few general questions about it  which I answered with my “I’m talking to normal people” responses. (Example: “Oh, is this your first marathon?” “Yes” vs. “Oh, is this your first marathon?” “Well, sort of. I did an Ironman and there was a marathon at the end of that, but that doesn’t really count because it’s totally different and so on… ” He then told me a “funny story” about how he’d inadvertently* run the Rim to Rim to Rim (which is from one side of the Grand Canyon and back in one day.)  Crazy talk.

After the usual 3 Stooges Car Rental routine we were on our way to the hotel. Marveling at the weird color of the sky (blue) and how warm and not wet the air was, we headed east to Gold Canyon. Stopping for a snack en route:

We were staying at a Best Western in the middle of no where, so I was expecting the usual small town motel experience. And I was not disappointed. In fact, the decorator really took it up a notch. This was the first thing I saw, handing on the stone mantle of the lobby fireplace:

The room had similarly delightful touches. Howdy, pardner! I’m a lamp…

And I don’t know what his counterpart is. Space alien? El chupacabra? Super racist Native American?

And then there was this mysterious object on top of the television:


Instead of the razor or vibrator we were joking about, it is in fact the TV remote control (ironically called the Clean Remote.) I can’t make this stuff up:

But my favorite part was opening the nightstand drawer and finding this. It’s the Holy Sampler:

Before we headed out to dinner, I had fun taking pictures of Southwestern kitsch in the upstairs lobby area. Enjoy!

(Why, yes, that is a wagon wheel chandelier… )

(And apparently Kokopelli enjoyed a round of golf with some friends… )

So far, this trip is off to an excellent start.

* They were originally going to run one direction but the shuttle back is 243 miles or something so they decided to just run back. I assume he was pulling my leg, but one never knows…

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