Phoenix practice


M & I “before” last 15 mile run

One of the hardest thing about this round of training is the fact that I haven’t been able to do any of my long runs in the outfit I plan to race in. But the forecast on the day of our last long run was surprisingly warm and spring-like, so we decided to take a chance and wear our prospective race attire. We opted to start later in the day when the temp would be higher and decided to do a new trail, on the east side of Lake Sammamish leaving from Marymoor park.

Here’s M in her super cute race outfit. (Please take a moment to enjoy the pile of snow to the right of her.) The sunshine was making us all giddy and smiley:

The run itself was fine, except I was having a hard time getting mentally engaged. I felt fine, I just didn’t feel like spending three hours running. It was boring. The sun was shining. People were having cocktails on their decks looking out at the lake or strolling along with their dogs. That looked a lot more fun than running. But we made it through and got back to the car in the most gorgeous late afternoon sunlight:

M took a picture of yours truly:

And I couldn’t resist taking a picture of sunset over Seattle as we drove home. Let’s pretend that the blurriness is artsy, ‘kay?

Now let the taper madness commence…


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