Weekend exploits


This was an action-packed weekend, which I would like to sum up with a series of pictures. We kicked it off on Friday evening with a trip to Costco with M, where we met this guy:

We finished up our evening by cashing in the last of T’s gift certificates from the Adventure Run for some free pizza. Now, onto Saturday, the 20 mile run:

That’s really all that needs to be said about that. (Actually, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, save for some super terrible side and stomach cramps for the last few miles. That sucked.) While I was running for a crazy long time, T was logging some overtime helping the grocery department of his employer unload/inventory some of their back-log of samples. Here’s what he brought home:

But he made the mistake of telling me that the guy he’d been working for had expressed his disappointment that he hadn’t taken more and told him he was welcome to come back tomorrow. (Which meant that I could go back too!)

Which brings us to Sunday. On our way over to T’s company, we stopped at Peets to grab some coffee. Where I saw this:


Despite T showing me pictures, I was unprepared for how much stuff was in the conference room. There was a huge table covered in stuff. There was stuff under the table. There was stuff piled on the floor next to the table. It was insane. I had a great time picking out all sorts of crazy stuff. There were tons of weird healthy products that I curious about, (but not enough to actually pay money for.)

Combined with the stuff T brought home yesterday, here’s what I needed to find a place for in our kitchen:

I spent the remainder of the day rearranging our kitchen to accommodate all of our loot. We now have a little pantry section of our laundry closet and some very organized cupboards. And best of all, we’re good for vegan crackers for quite some time… ;-P



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