Under the sea


Grumpy and stir-crazy from a week spent trapped in my apartment followed by a slushy craptacular 15 mile run on Saturday, I was ready for a fun outing. So, when M mentioned that they were going to the Seattle Aquarium to see the baby sea otter, I shamelessly invited T & I along.

You gotta love the aquarium, you walk into a lobby with a whole wall of fish:

There was a super-gross octopus:

And a neat plastic arch with jellyfish under rotating colored lights that were oddly mesmerizing:

Oooooh… now they’re red…

But why are we wasting time here, when there’s a baby sea otter? Baby sea otter! We headed over to the section where they were. Pausing briefly to take a picture of chilly T:

And then we got to the area where the sea otters were, crowded with people “oohing” and “aahing” at this:

That’s right, it’s a little ball of fluff, riding along on his mama’s tummy. (the otter in the back is Grandma.) Basically Mama Otter was swimming around the tank with baby on her belly. And every time she passed by the glass, we all would exclaim at how cute they were. Look at that little thing!

Say it with me now, “awwwwww… ”

It was kind of ridiculous. After all of that cuteness, we recovered by looking at some cool fish. I can’t believe how colorful some of the sea life is. (I mean, some places. I’m pretty sure that the sea life here in Seattle is nowhere near this interesting.)

I really loved this guy. Look at his nose!

It was a fun outing. Even after M made me touch a yucky sea anemone in the touch tank. (Gross.) Should you find yourself in Seattle with a couple of hours to kill, I highly recommend it.

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