The last 18 miles of 2011


Our marathon training has been going well. We’ve been blessed with a dry December and have been managing to get most of our workouts in, though it is very hard going out to run in the dark and cold. (Can’t say I recommend the winter marathon training… ) T & I are doing a different plan than M and while we’d been doing our long runs together, today would be the first day that we were running the same mileage, a daunting 18 miles.

Susan was in town visiting, so we wanted to start our run from a spot where she’d have some place to hang out and entertain herself while we ran for hours and hours. We opted to drive to Marymoor park on the east side of the lake and run from there. All of us run slightly different paces, so we staggered our start times slightly. T passed me at mile four and I caught M around mile 5. Initially, she was planning to stop to use a restroom, so I kept going but then she caught up to me and we spent the rest of the run chatting, which made for a much less boring endeavor. It was so nice to have company as we gutted out the latter miles. Not to mention someone to giggle with about this graffiti at the restroom where we stopped around mile 10:

(Those darn kids… )

The last mile felt like forever, but we made it. The staggering walk to the car and the ensuing comedy routine of changing out of our run shoes was hilarious. The poor man across the parking lot must have thought we were crazy.

J was nice enough to cook us all dinner and M was nice enough to share her couch with us. (I’m also happy to welcome her to the compression garments club. Woo!):

And dinner was delicious:

It was a low-key, but very enjoyable way to ring  in the new year, even if we didn’t quite make it to midnight. Oh well, happy new year everyone!

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