The ballad of Toenail and Stitchface


Wally left his last trip to doggie daycare with a cracked toenail. Not a big deal, but it did require a trip to the vet to remove what was left and of course, the cone of shame:

(We got him a softer cone than the hard plastic ones because he has a tendency to bash them into door frames until they break.) The problem is that the cone didn’t really prevent him from licking the toenail, which kept it from healing. And earned him another trip to the vet and more time with the cone. He’s very adaptable though, he could even beg for toilet paper tubes:

Eventually, we started putting a sock on that foot to help protect the toe from him and hopefully let it heal faster. Meanwhile, with the possibility of T starting a job in Austin, we scheduled Smokey Joe for some work that the vet had recommended: a dental cleaning and removal of some fatty lumps. Which meant a transfer of the cone of shame (and a very nice Christmas for our vet… )

And a new nickname for Smokey Joe a.k.a. “Stitch Face” or “Jigsaw”:

Meanwhile, Wally has his own indignities to suffer:

Both boys are well on their way to recovery now. I wish I could say the same for my checkbook… ;-P



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