Holiday outing


Like many companies in this lack-luster economy, there hasn’t been much in the budget for holiday festivities. But our boss carved out some time for a little self-funded outing. First we had lunch as a new sandwich place downtown and then took the monorail over to the Pacific Science Center to see the new Mission Impossible movie (on Imax, no less!) I hadn’t been on the monorail since about 1997. It hasn’t changed much:

After purchasing our tickets, we had some time to kill. Apparently, the admission folks don’t really care if folks wander in to the museum early on a random Friday afternoon because we were able to walk right in. There was an insect exhibit in the same section of the museum where the Imax is, so we perused that. (The funny part was that sections of this were a big featured exhibit the last time I was at the science center back in the mid-90’s. I guess they like to recycle things at the Science Center.) They had a butterfly atrium that was new and very cool:

The movie was surprisingly entertaining (I had only seen the first two and found neither particularly impressive) and the outing was much more fun than a typical office party.

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