The giving of thanks


Thanksgiving has always been a weird holiday to me. Growing up, we didn’t live near a big extended family so it was pretty much like a normal day except we were having turkey for dinner and eating it in the dining room. Over the years, T & I have made the traditional thanksgiving dinner so many times (somewhere around 10 or 11, by my rough count.) So, it’s not terribly stressful, and in fact, I quite enjoy it. This isn’t to say it’s not without it’s mishaps. I apparently haven’t gotten the hang of pumpkin pie baking in this apartments oven, as I’ve produced my second ugly pumpkin pie in it. (Both times, the bottom crust of the pie bubbled up, creating a caldera in the middle that pushes the filling up onto the sides of the crust.) Luckily, I was vindicated by a very pretty apple pie. I call them “Beauty and The Beast.”

We were also experimenting with a new turkey technique, where you stuff the cavity of the turkey with coffee beans. (Courtesy of Seattle celebrity chef Tom Douglas.) My before picture was a little gross, so here’s T posing with the end result:

The coffee beans lent the turkey a smokey quality. The bacon grease smeared at the bottom of the pan plus the onions and turkey drippings made an amazing gravy. J & M came over in the afternoon to hang out and play a little pre-dinner Rock Band. I even set a pretty table for us, complete with fancy cloth napkin folding (a hold-over from T’s days of working in restaurants.) I also busted out my parents wedding “silver” (actually pewter), which I inherited when they upgraded to new stuff several years ago.

We ended the evening with a viewing of a bootleg Twilight movie accompanied by lots of wine and yelling at the tv. (Those movies are so terrible! But so fun to mock while drinking wine on the couch.) We were up way too late considering that we had to hit the road early tomorrow morning for a drive down to Portland, but it was worth it.

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