Weeby little pumpkin


M & J had us over for dinner, where M showed off the super cute little pumpkin she saw at the store. They called them “weeby little pumpkins” (not sure of the spelling, so you get my best guess… ) Here’s M posing with her super cutey new acquisition:

Per usual, the Grumpersons had really outdone themselves. Here was the delicious spread to accompany the insanely good cheese fondue:

After dinner, there was a viewing of Over the Top, a cheese-tastic 80’s movie where Sylvester Stallone tries to win his son’s love (and a brand new semi-truck) by winning the national arm-wrestling championship. (No, I’m not kidding… ) How I missed this classic when it was in the theatres, I’ll just never know! It was a very fun night with our friends.


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