Adventure run


Once the racing season is over, it’s hard to find things to motivate me to run. So, when I got an email from Roadrunner Sports about their Adventure Run series, I was intrigued. Basically, it’s a sort of running scavenger hunt but instead of finding things you go to various places and pick up raffle tickets. Then at the finish line there’s free beer and a bunch of raffle prizes. They’ve been doing these since March, but somehow I hadn’t heard about them before.

We weren’t really sure what to expect when we got there, but there was pretty decent turnout:

You got double the raffle tickets if you bought the event shirt, so T & I went for it:

As we got closer to the start time, everyone gathered around the map, which was flipped over:

There was a pretty big crowd and a lot of excitement in the air (not sure what that dude’s deal is… )

Then they flipped the map over to show all of the places where we could pick up raffle tickets:

I snapped a few pictures on my phone and mapped the furthest point It gave out 20 raffle tickets, so the ROI seemed good. (Yeah, that’s right, I used ROI in a blog post… About running.) Then we took off with a big pack of people. We were running way too fast and zig-zagging across streets in a possibly less than optimal manner. It was crazy, but so much fun. Like running when you were a kid. Or being on The Amazing Race. At one point, I was running while trying to look at my phone for directions. It was crazy-talk. We saw a pack of people ducking into a Starbucks, so we followed them and scored some tickets that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

We got to the furthest point and then formed a strategy of where to go next. As we were heading for that point, we met up with a woman who asked if we were going to the secret Facebook location (They posted a place on one of their store’s Facebook page if you “liked” that stores page, but I couldn’t get it to work on my phone.) We told her where we were headed and she assured us that it was on the way, so we hung in with her. The Facebook location involved running up a couple of not so enjoyable hills, but what the hell… We ended up running the rest of the way with her, which was nice as it gave new conversational topics than T and I would have been able to come up with.

When we got back to the finish line, we opted to forego the beer for a seat on the curb (there weren’t any seats in the beer garden area and I did not want to stand around for an hour post-run.) T ended up winning TWO different raffles (pretty close to each other, which drew some good-natured boos from the crowd.) The funny thing was that they were from the same string of tickets, both from the Facebook location, so climbing those hills was worth it. His total haul from the evening: Gift certificates for a coffee place, a local restaurant and a large pizza/drinks from a Green Lake area pizza place. He also scored some custom inserts for his running shoes, which he can definitely use. The inserts alone made up for the cost of the event shirts, so we ended up ahead on the deal.

I would definitely do the event again. They have one more in November, which we’ll have to see what the weather does, but we’ll definitely keep this event on our radar…


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