The aftermath


I was very apprehensive about how bad the next morning was going to be. (I’ve never had a really bad hangover, and I certainly wasn’t looking to break that record… ) But “luckily”, I seemed to have gotten it all out of my system the previous night and woke up feeling pretty decent, just really dehydrated. Erin invited us for crepes at her place around 10, so we had a little time to drink coffee on the porch and relax for a little bit. We got to chat with a couple of other party guests from Texas/North Carolina, which was really interesting. I also got to take a few shots of the post-party scene:

I missed this sign last night, but how cute is this?

I loved this tree with all of the pretty glass vases/pieces in it:

Remnants of the Hootch Hut:

Crepes at Erin’s were superb, as always. Sitting in the sunshine, eating delicious crepes, hanging out with good friends, what’s not to like? In addition, Lucky dog was entertaining with his antics and they had a barn owl in their big tree. M & I had one last piece of Prosser business before hitting the road, going back to Chinook winery for some more wine. We’d enjoyed it so much from our girls weekend in Prosser, it was on M’s “must-do” list. We got there a little early and got to hang out with the winery cat:

M & J scored a wine barrel (for free!) from the winery (thanks to a tip from David) and ended up stuffing it into the backseat of the Jetta. (Sadly, I didn’t get to witness this spectacle so there are not pictures of that, since they had to go pick it up sans-passengers. Which is a shame, because I bet seeing a wine barrel stuffed into a Jetta is awesome.)

We parted ways with M & J, since we had to pick up the dogs and what-not. On our way back, we stopped in Yakima to try Sonic. It was quite the cultural experience. (I was reluctant to take pictures, since it was sort of a red-necky area and I didn’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves.) I can’t say I’d recommend the food, but it was a fun “road-trip” thing to do.


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