So, after our day of fun, we had a few hours to chill and get ready for the party. It was pretty convenient to be staying at the same place as the party, talk about an easy commute! Everything looked beautiful, especially the newlyweds:

And of course, many beverages:

This punch was delicious:

The lovely bride:

Erin had asked her married guests for a wedding picture, which she printed out and hung on this clothesline. It was really adorable and fun to see all of the different photos:

The calm before the dinner is served…

This place would be trouble later on (foreshadowing!)

But for now, it was entertaining the menfolk…

M & J clean up pretty nicely, I must say (even if J does have a drinking problem, tee hee!)

Then we had to take the mural for a spin, before it got too dark to take decent pictures:

Jenn & Bryan arrived and we had a good time chatting with them and meeting some of Erin’s other friends and family. Then we were joined by Erika, a woman I know from tri camp and her husband Bill, and she was ready to party down! (Again, foreshadowing… )

There was a ton of delicious food, some not too embarrassing toasts and some wine.

Then there was more delicious food, including some ridiculous desserts and why yes, since you asked, some more wine. We moved into the tent, as it was getting a little chilly out.

We tried to get a tri-camp ladies picture, but the Hipstamatic wasn’t quite up to the task:

But I did get a great shot of the brides new cowboy boots: super cute, right?

As the wine kept flowing, the pictures got a bit more… entertaining. There were these great Winnie the Pooh stickers that M & I had to grab and stick on as bracelets. (Funny story about that later… )

The kids also had these great foam swords and somehow we ended up with one. (There’s probably a story there, but I didn’t hear about it… )

Then the obligatory bad dancing:

It was at this point in the evening that the Hootch Hut happened, where some shots might have been done and a little too much may have been consumed by yours truly (cough… understatement of the year… cough… ) T was in charge of my phone/camera at this point in the night and I really wish I knew the backstory to this photo:

Let’s just say the evening ended with some praying at the feet of the porcelain god and the desire to sleep on the bathroom floor. Poor T is a very good husband and didn’t let me sleep on the bathroom floor. He took very good care of me. Who’d have thought that he’d have had to deal with drunken bathroom shenanigans from his 41 year old wife of almost 15 years. (Which just goes to show you that marriage is always full of surprises! Take notes, kids… )

Oh, and the funny story about the Pooh sticker I mentioned earlier: I woke up with it still on my wrist and expressed surprise that it was still there. To which T replied that I’d been very insistent that he not take that off. It cracks me up for some reason.



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