The good life


We are in Prosser for Erin & David’s wedding celebration. They got married back in July at a small family-only ceremony and this weekend was a big reception/ party to celebrate. The party was taking place in this awesome bed & breakfast and we were fortunate to also get to stay there. J & M were also along for this adventure, which was great. M and I wandered around taking pictures:

(Yes, that’s a white picket fence *and* an American flag. Does it get any more adorable?)

There was a really lovely garden:

And this super awesome chicken coop:

And a sneak preview of fun things to come…

There was some very civilized lounging on the porch, sipping wine. Ahhhh…

Later in the evening, we made our way down to Pasco for a shrimp boil at the house of a friend of Erin’s. They had the biggest, nicest yard I think I’ve ever seen. Along with this formidable table:

There was also plenty to drink:

And a very impressive operation for the cooking:

They had a trampoline, a tree house and a horseshoe pit. M & I managed to refrain from making a spectacle of ourselves on the trampoline. (I didn’t want to spill my wine… ) But she and T took the horseshoe pit for a test drive:

We also got to admire the happy couple’s new ride:

It was a really fun night with great food and lively conversation. We got to hang out with Khai, which is always a treat, and meet some of Erin’s other friends. If tonight is any indication, we’re looking at quite an awesome weekend…


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