The main thing Susan wanted to do while she was in town was “go to that park that goes over the freeway.” She’s talked about this mythical park before and neither T nor I knew what she was talking about. Finally, she added that it had art in it and we realized that she was talking about the Sculpture Garden. (It does go over Western Avenue, not exactly the freeway… ) But at least we knew what she was talking about and it’s quite convenient to our house.

I run through this park quite often, but I never really take the time to take photos. So, I spent a little time “Hipstamatic-ing” the Calder sculpture:

Susan waited patiently for me to finish:

Not sure what was going on with this box, but photographing T & Susan interacting with it was really fun:

T was incensed by the many “Do Not Touch” signs in front of the giant rusted metal Richard Serra sculptures:

And he’s a rebel:

But all that aside, the pieces were pretty cool:

I love this metal tree. It took me a few visits to notice that it was made out of metal, which makes me love it more.

If you drive past the sculpture garden, you see this giant Claes Oldenburg typewriter eraser rolling down the hill, which I love. We couldn’t get right next to it, but here’s Susan posing with it in the background:

It was quite the cultural outing.


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