Beachy Friday


This week was spent trying to return to life as normal. After so much time thinking about the race, it was strange to have no training to do and spending the week just returning to life as normal. But since T’s mom was in town for a visit this weekend, we didn’t have to worry about life being too normal. 🙂 Both T and I had to work, so we left Susan to her own devices. (Which apparently meant wearing the dogs out, because when I came home they both looked exhausted!) The weather had been ridiculously beautiful all day and, as I was waiting for the bus, I got a text from M that she was at the beach. That sounded like the perfect way to spend a gorgeous sunny Friday afternoon, so we went over to join her.

Then we parted ways with M and headed back to our place for some dinner and (for T and Susan) a game of cribbage:

Since Susan usually goes to bed at 8, her math skills get really rusty after that…

It was very amusing to watch.


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