The next morning was T’s birthday and his first present was not being nearly as sore as we thought he’d be. J made some decadent french toast for breakfast then we had to start gathering up our crap and packing for the trip home. None of us were eager for vacation to end, so we decided to play a game of miniature golf on the course right outside our door.

The official rules (#3 was going to be tough for us):

J shows us how it’s done:

But M is hot on his heels. She and J tied the other two games they played, so the stakes were high!

Not sure what T’s doing here, but please note that he’s still rocking the compression sleeves. Are the sleeves better or worse than socks with those sandals? I’m not really sure there’s an answer that I’ll be happy with…

A critical hole…

The view from the golf course:

J ended up winning the game and it was a fun way to cap off our trip. We checked out and hit the road. We parted ways with M & J because we were taking the same route we’d come out on (for easy dog pick-up.) We had to stop for gas in Coulee City (which seems to consist of a gas station, a motel and little else… ) It did have this rad sign that I had to take a picture of:

(I’d seen it on the way over, but hadn’t had a chance to take a picture of it.) I also couldn’t resist taking a picture of “Big Wally’s bench.” It’s too bad we didn’t have our Wally along, he could have posed on it.

T tried to take a picture of the Prospector Supply store in Goldbar (and no, I couldn’t possibly make any of that up) and apparently took this picture of me driving. I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not, I just found it on the phone. But I like it, it’s sort of artsy…

We ended the evening taking the boy out for Mexican food on his birthday and giving him the birthday present I’d forgotten to bring along on the trip (a new bike jersey.) Our epic weekend was over and tomorrow we’ll have to return to life as normal…


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