Very serious business


The day before the race is always filled with little errands, but I try as hard as I can to keep it low key. We needed to do a swim in the lake, mostly so I could make a final decision on whether or not to wear my sleeveless wetsuit and see what the race start looked like. M came along for a swim and general hijinks, since J had some work to finish up.

This year, because Banks Lake was all messed up, we were going to be swimming in Roosevelt lake – which was amazing. The water was super clear and lovely. It was like the Caribbean, only chillier. (Though for up here, the water was positively balmy!) The sleeveless turned out to be the right decision, as swimming in it felt like heaven.

Afterward, M took a spin on the merry-go-round. The little boy to the right of this image was playing on it before, but when the crazy grown-ups got there, he fled. (Smart kid!) 😉

Especially once T got into the act… (I really wish I’d taken video of this, but I was laughing too hard.)

Preparations for the race were already in full swing…

We did a quick recon up the Almira grade at T’s request (and to show M how “awesome” it is) before heading home. After a little lunch and some rest, we headed back to the park for packet pick-up followed by a trip into town for a few last-minute supplies at the Safeway. While there, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this aisle signage:

We also had to stop at the tee-pee drive in across the street:

After our milkshakes, we headed to T2 to check out the new set up:And see the dam we’d been hearing about. Last year, we’d never made it over to take a look because we’re just that lazy.

We had a few hours to hang back at the house before T and I had to head to the pre-race meeting and check in our bikes. I took this sweet shot of M & J hanging out in the living room:

Usually, I find the pre-race meetings boring. There’s nothing that’s really different from the info that I’ve read on the race website or in the packet that I picked up earlier that day. But especially with the new course and new race management, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. This time, the meeting was anything but boring. Unfortunately, what it was instead was confusing and disorganized. The folks running the meeting would answer questions only to contradict themselves a minute later.

For example: when asked about cut off times on the swim, a woman was told “Don’t worry, you have until midnight to finish.” only to hear a little later on that “they were there for the last finisher, regardless of how long past the cut-off it was.” What the WHAT? There was much more, but I won’t bore my tens of readers with my rants and I’ll save that for the email to the race organization. Suffice it to say, I left the meeting far less confident in the abilities in the folks running the race and much less sure I knew what was going on tomorrow morning. Sigh.



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