The other www: Walla Walla Wine


After our Prosser hijinks, we all headed down to Walla Walla in Erin’s sporty Audi (we were all staying in the same hotel and going to the same party, so it was great to be able to carpool.) We checked into the fabulous Holiday Inn Express and changed into our party attire with a little extra time to visit one of the local tasting rooms. As we were walking from the car, I saw this super cute little mural and stopped to take a picture:

Then T took my picture with it:

Then Erin took both of our pictures with it:

And then I took this super adorable picture of her and David:

(We got a lot of mileage out of that mural!)

The tasting room we visited was K Vintners/Charles Smith and it’s definitely not your typical winery. The tasting room was in a super cool industrial space:

I’ve been hanging around M way too long, because the first thing I did was take an artsy photo of my shadow:

But then I geeked out on the graphic design hard-core:

I loved the way they did their board showing the wines available (and of course the boxes are super cool):

Usually, when I see this much effort being put into creating cool branding I don’t expect much from the wine. But I actually really enjoyed their wine. They also had some fairly decent lower-priced offerings, which I always appreciate. We had fun trying the different options:

And lounging around in the super cool space:

(They clean up nice, don’t they?) Then it was time to head off to the party…



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