Heidi came for a visit this weekend, leaving her twins in husband Tom’s capable hands. It was Heidi’s first foray away from them and I was very honored that she choose to come see yours truly. I took the day off of work so that we could hang out and we got to spend a nice afternoon having lunch and walking around my ‘hood. It was fun showing Heidi my neighborhood and poking in the little shops. One of them had a cool old cigarette machine that had been re-purposed into an art machine:

The next day, we took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island. Here are Heidi and T waiting for the ferry to arrive, (please note the beautiful sunny weather, good thing Heidi’s from California!):

The last time I’d been to Bainbridge Island it was to do Chilly Hilly, so it was fun to walk on to the ferry with nothing more on the agenda than having a snack and walking around. As we were pulling out of the dock, we saw this out the window and wondered what it was:

After a little search on the interwebs, we discovered it was some sort of military defense/sonar antenna thingy. There was very little concrete info about what it did, all very top secret and hush hush. We decided that some sort of James Bond level villain is probably plotting world domination with it as we speak. Consider yourself warned! The rest of the ride was spent goofing off…

We had a great time walking around the shops and having coffee at the little bakery. While Heidi and I explored a super fancy yarn and tea (?) shop, T checked out an ice cream place that he’d heard about. Here’s what we saw:

What I (unfortunately) missed taking a picture of was the amazingly awkward date that was going on to T’s right. The girl was dolled up to the nines (way more than you usually see in Seattle) and apparently the guy had taped words to playing cards and was flipping them over to produce sentences… “This, That and the Other” Ouch.

We met up with M for a little dinner/drinks action. We were going to check out a local oyster bar/small plates place that we’d heard really good things, but apparently everyone else had heard the same good things because there was a TWO AND A HALF HOUR WAIT. Yikes. We were way too hungry to stick around, so we headed to a local tapas place for some snacks and cocktails. Heidi and I went with the sangria. So pretty…

We had to order this, just to find out what “sexy oil” was:

(Turns out, it’s just really good olive oil.) While we were out, M snapped this amazing picture of Heidi that I just had to share.

I love how contemplative she looks. It’s such a beautiful photo. It was a fun night hanging with two of my closest girlfriends and T. Many cocktails were consumed (okay two, I’m a lightweight!) and much conversation. A fantastic way to cap off a fabulous weekend. Ms. Heidi, it was wonderful to see you. I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I did!



One thought on “Mom-cation

  1. Heidi

    I thoroughly enjoyed my “mom-cation!” The only downside was the payback from the girls the first few days back. Nonetheless, I’m thinking this needs to be an annual trip. 🙂

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